BuboWerks Values

BuboWerks is now moving into its second year, which prompted us to update our business plan. This time around in the planning process, the question came up as to how our goals align to our values. While we have values, of course, they had never been codified, so this seemed like a good opportunity to do so.

Professionalism: As a professional services company, our clients expect us to be, well, professional. This means we are ethical (highly recommended reading — the Code of Ethics encapsulates a lot of our values in itself), treat everyone (customers, coworkers, partners, and the public) with respect, and act in a manner consistent with what we expect from professionals.

Expertise: Anyone can act in a professional manner, but our customers hire us because we provide subject matter expertise in the Information Security space, and we strive to be recognized for that expertise.

Public Knowledge: The security of your personal and corporate information should be a right, not a privilege. While we necessarily charge for working one-on-one with clients, to the extent we can make knowledge about information security available to a broader audience through activities such as blog posts and speaking at conferences, we do so.

Employee Well-being: Having a great team of information security experts is of limited utility if they are worried about providing for their families, both now and in the future. BuboWerks aims to attract and retain the top talent in the field by offering a robust compensation package, including excellent health insurance and retirement benefits. We work with our employees to ensure they are able to achieve work-life balance even given the rigors of the consulting industry.

And that’s it. Brevity is not inherently a core-value (as you might find from one of our reports), but having a short list of values helps ensure that everyone on the team can remember them, and reduces the conflict that may come between them.

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