The BuboWerks Difference

Why choose BuboWerks for help with your information security needs? BuboWerks was started to more effectively address the pains in your security program (or lack of a security program). We are able to do this through five key differentiators:

  • Expertise across security programs
  • Experience across organization types
  • Ability to build solutions from inception through implementation
  • A small, focused, highly-qualified team
  • Partnerships for delivery

We’ll look at each of these briefly.

Expertise across security programs

As our organizations have come to depend on information, protecting it has taken on many forms: technical controls like firewalls, IDAM, and vulnerability management; privacy; compliance management; security operations, including threat intel and threat hunting; vendor management; and training — just to name a few. Not every organization has all of these capabilities, and few have them all directly reporting to the CISO (or equivalent). At BuboWerks we have expertise across these capabilities, both as a formal part of security programs, as well as building internal partnerships with teams like legal and human resources when the capabilities exist under those umbrellas. Attackers don’t care about your reporting structure (well, outside of social engineering): they will take whatever weak link they can find. BuboWerks will work with you to see that your security program provides a holistic defense.

Experience across organization types

BuboWerks has worked with organizations of all sizes and market verticals, including private and public sector. It’s true: the bulk of our experience is with parts of the Federal Government and financial services, as they were early adopters of information security, since they were also early targets. The world has changed since then: as we have become increasingly connected, every organization has begun to rely on the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of its information. Our team has experience with everything from “mom-and-pop” shops to Fortune 10 corporations, across a wide variety of verticals including finance, retail, technology, professional services, energy, and public-sector organizations. The fact of the matter is that the principals of protecting your information are the same regardless of verticals or organization size. At the same time, every organization is unique — regardless of how similar it is to another on paper — and the specifics of how each secures their information should be tailored for that organization.

Ability to build solutions from inception through implementation

You need a strategy to address any security pain that you have. But a strategy alone is not a solution. A Power Point deck is not a solution. BuboWerks wants to help you ensure that any solution actually addresses your pain. That means either performing the implementation for you, or ensuring that your people have everything they need to pull it off successfully. We are comfortable getting “hands on keyboard”, as well as working with the appropriate people across your organization, whether it is collecting data, training, coordinating work, or advising.

A small, focused, highly-qualified team

It’s true: BuboWerks today is small — with highly-qualified personnel that are focused on solving your security woes. We are not looking to fill your seats or create long-term staffing contracts. We want to solve your problems — including finding right-fit staffing solutions, if that is what you need — and then tackle the next problem. Think of us as you would an outside legal counsel, but for your security (rather than legal) needs. To that end, we offer retainer agreements and flexible service agreements that allow you to bring us in as needed.

Partnerships for delivery

In order to ensure that we are able to provide the most effective solutions for our clients, we have partnered with other professional services shops. Our partners allow us to better serve you, whether by means of geography, or technology. Some of those partners are — like BuboWerks — focused on addressing your holistic information security needs. Others provide more general information technology solutions, which can help as your information security program overlaps heavily with your larger information technology program. As the client, you always get the final say in who is supporting your organization; with our partnerships we offer you more options for how to do that best.


Through our expertise across security programs, experience across organization types, end-to-end solutions to your pain, focused and highly-qualified team, and partnerships, BuboWerks is equipped to help Enable InfoSec in your organization. Contact us today to discuss your security challenges and how we can help.

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