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Solutions for Security Pain

Information is your most important asset, yet most organizations struggle to secure it. In today’s landscape, every organization — from small local businesses through multi-national enterprises — needs to think about information security. BuboWerks helps organizations across that spectrum by applying decades of information security experience. Here is just a sampling of the security pains we’ve helped organizations with and the types of solutions we offer:

I know I need to worry about security, but I don’t know where to start.

Security Program Strategy

My analysts are spending their time on routine infections and I’m worried about what they’re missing.

Threat Hunting Program Development

We did a large expansion of our program, and now senior management wants to reduce spending.

Security Program Evaluation

I need to become GDPR compliant for a customer or vendor I work with.

Data Protection Impact Assessments (“DPIA”)

My analysts lack situational awareness of the organization, so they fail to focus on high-risk events.

Risk Assessments

My analysts burn out and leave.

Process Automation

I’m looking at security solutions, but they break the bank.

Architecture Development and Updating

I am failing to see the value from our Threat Intel capability.

Threat Intel Program Development and Optimization

Our security engineering team is overloaded and can not keep up with the backlog.

Engineering Implementation

About Us

BuboWerks is a small consultancy focused on providing effective solutions for your information security problems. We provide full-scope services, from high-level strategy and assessments through implementation and training. Read our blog to learn more about the BuboWerks difference. Philosophically, we follow the ACM Code of Ethics to guide our actions. We are headquartered in Chicago, and serve customers wherever English is spoken for business, utilizing a mix of travel and remote support, as appropriate to meet your needs.

Contact Us

Send us a message to find out how BuboWerks can help you with your security challenges, or give us a ring at +1.872.888.7434.